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  • vTask 2.1.20 update 4
    -Fix License reset
    -Fix Row Selection Highlight
    -Removed K-Light codecs from installation(you must install k-light separately form their website)
    -Fix removes inputs in vmix after playing using API
    -Add Files Renamed as Add Media
    re-download here

  • Do you have any tips on the orphaned inputs that remain within vMix after they have already played? For example I was doing some testing and setup looping, after the end of each loop the final item in the list remained as an input within vMix and did not close out as all the other inputs did during the loop playback.

  • Used .mkv file; Its showing:
    Error playing ! try renaming or converting original file

    vMix Originally supports almost all file formats,
    Then why is this limitation in vTask.

    • like i said it works with mkv how ever if theres a break in your mkv stream it will tell you that error playing
      also have you rename the file as it said?
      have you downloaded the update 4?

  • Hello, I have several situations to comment, I am using the trial version vtask 2.1.20
    The initiative of this tool for vMix is ​​very good, I said it since the project started with vmix task, congratulate you for this great work.
    I hope the following ones I am going to mention help improve vTask.

    Used equipment:
    Windows 10 Pro x64
    Core i7
    RAM 16gb
    Video Nvidia GTX 970 – 4gb

    1.- In the sale the number of version that it shows is 2.1.10 (left corner of the software), minimum correction, it is only informative.

    you are using a wrong version because that has been corrected in vTask 2.1.20 update 2,
    we are now on update 4 for the same version and we emailed every one to re-download

    Now I will comment on my experience with the operation of vTask.
    1.- I have made a small programming with the following sequence in NDI mode:

    – IN4 overlay (logo channel)
    – vtask cg function
    – video1
    – video2
    – overlay (All off)
    – program: -Video
    – IN4 overlay (commercial logo)
    – video
    – video
    – overlay (All off)
    – video
    – IN4 overlay (logo channel)
    – vtask cg function
    – video3

    1.- Do not start the reproduction with click on the star button, I have to do it by double clicking on the first video that I want you to play.
    2.- Delay in playing the program item, approximately 2 to 3 seconds
    3.- Always After playing the program item (according to sequence) the playback does not continue, the vtask jams and collapses, a jamming noise is heard.
    4.- The reproduction of the videos is not fluid, it has minipases.
    5.- Sometimes the play mark (Playing) jumps to another video that has not yet been played.

    Could you please tell me what the problem is.

    You might be doing something wrong, have you watch all the tutorials we added few days ago
    you can always ask for assistance in team viewer before jumping to conclusion

    1.- By default, mute the previous audio when you start vtask
    2.- Add a blocking button that prevents closing, editing or reprogramming of vtask (padlock)
    3.- Add a security message before closing vtask (now it closes without saving project or asking if I’m sure of the action)
    4.- Add trim window that allows you to divide long time files (movies) into desired parts, (Ex: Divide into: 5 parts or X parts, etc.) and automatically place the large file in the list scheduler in the parts created.
    5.- Improve the preview window to cut files, it is too difficult to perform the task of trimming the parts, finer the movement of the playback scroll bar.
    6.- Add button to restart playback of the current file in air.
    7.- Add button pause in reproduction of the current file in air.
    8.- Add playtime bar in the air window
    9.- Add in the preview window spaces to place in numbers the in and out time we have to cut the video.
    10.- Adapt so that when a GC vtask function is added the name of the file is not too long or extensive (TruecgTitle xaml, 3000 .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    11.- Adapt so that duplicating program items does not create extra long names (dup-2, dup_2_4 .. xxxxxx)

    Kindly move this to Wish-list comments

      • Still not working.
        First try it says “invalid product key” next try say “This device is already in use”

        ***I’m going to Philly in the next hour and I was supposed to set up a streaming playlist before I leave. This is really troubling, I’ve tried dozens of times. Its still not working unfortunately!

  • Just some observations that I hope will help with further improvements to vTask.

    vTask 2.1.21 observations
    Appreciate the updating of the version numbers so there is less confusion, very important to good success

    NDI Mode
    Loop does not work
    Videos (mp4) have audio issues with dropouts during playback and stuttering at the end of the file.

    API Mode
    Inputs do not close in vMix, I have 8 bumpers ( total of 1 min 26 sec run time) I use for testing and when the list has completed I have 7 inputs remaining open with content loaded when I use fade transitions between the files. Without the transitions I only see 4 inputs remaining open. I have observed that the previous input closes at between 3-7 seconds of the currently playing video depending on whether there is a transition or not. Without the transition it is around the 3 sec mark when the previous input closes. Some of the test videos never close out but most do after removing the transitions. Also noticed that if the video is shorter than about 10 secs there are issues with inputs closing out properly.

    Note on API mode:
    Loop works fine
    No audio issues with the same video files

  • Out of desperation, I had to reset my computer as a matter of due diligence. From a fresh Windows 10 I installed Vmix, K-lite, Vtask and VLC.

    I am still getting error “This device is already in use”

    Why should a simple issue of license hold me hostage for so long? I have put in protracted hours just to resolve this. Why cant this issue be resolved once and for all? When I bought this application it worked quite well and I had no complains other than this ridiculous move that has put my business on a ‘stumble’ to the point that I have to cue streams manually.

    This incident to me doesnt augur well for the future of Vtask. 10 days just to fix a license?
    With a due respect if this issue is not going to be resolved I would like to know so I can move on.

  • Getting error that I have zero licenses left but I have only used the key once during my testing, please update my license status so I can continue to test and use vTask

  • I’ve been doing a lot of proof of vTask 2.1.23 and the problem with the function to remove inputs in vmix after playback using API isn’t fixed yet. First: The problem has reduced but it persist in a random manner. Now the clips try to left as a loop when vtask in vmix try to close the media clips and this operation generate a behavior like a double frame cuts showing jumping between clip cuts. May be a pre-roll problem with the timecode sync between the application and clips. Sometimes the media clip hasn’t end when the next clip input and cut the previous.

  • In vtask 2.1.23 still present the issue that vtask are not closing the played clip in VMix.
    There are other issue that is a de-sync with the clip currently playing and the next clip in the list, that makes the current playing clip try to do a loop playback when reach the end point, and when the next clip begins to playback it cuts the last clip abruptly. I’ll send you videos of this issue.

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