17 thoughts on “vTask (Tutorial Request)

  • I need to learn as much as possible, I believe in this product and want to buy more but need some training. I own more than twenty VMIX so I really need this app.

  • please a basic video tutorial on how to connectto vmix and do veryy basic beginner things please. Also how to stream a 24/7 schedule from vmix.
    thank you

  • hola! necesito un videotutorial o un manual en espaƱol! por lo visto es un muy buen software!!

  • All I need right now is to know my password so I can update. Been sending emails. I have 6 licenses and cant use any right now please help

  • Hi,
    I do have a request or hint on how to work with a Filler function.
    I’m using another playout program which can handle fillers. Basically when nothing is scheduled something always will run in the background.
    I consider to switch over to Vmix together with Vtask because of the stability of Vmix I experienced and the trust I have in vTask.

    I’m planning my schedule my channel a week ahead and have a block starting on a fixed time with a News program. But with the content I have, I might have some gaps close to the start of the next block. At those points I would like to have a filler running.

    But maybe there is a creative way with the combined functionallity of Vmix and Vtask that can help me here.


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