New Features

New Features

1. Added Lock Time Column for each clip, when checked, vtask will make sure the current clip is played at the exact time

2. Added API functionality to control vtask over network, the default port is 90 but you can change this on the settings page. currently the only functions available are load, save, start, stop, retime, connect, disconnect and gotoAndPlay(row number) eg. this will load the last project

3. Added Functionality to replace files via drag and drop, this opens a popup for you to choose an action, Insert, Replace and Replace Instance Replace Instance will replace all clips with the same name as the drop target

Updates / Bugs

1. Removed Alternate row colours / increased row font size

2. Fix product activation issue

3. Only allow to save as copy within a Program

4. Maintain current project file name when Loading/Saving As or Clearing project while inside programs

5. Fix Duration not auto calculating when loading project


Unzip and replace files in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Vfxblend\vTask 2.5.0

Window 10 or later